Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras! Or Big Boned case Tuesday is a bit sensitive about that sort of thing.

French Quarter Fest 2012, Bourbon Street
Mardi Gras @ the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre means water and cardio...not Hurricanes and beads.  For the record, I wore beads, but I didn't earn them.

Tuesday started with an elliptical party, and then friggin' stairs...and I thought, okay, this'll be like last time and I'll run up and down 5 times in a minute and then I'll do something else lifty squatty, and get super winded and want to throw up...and repeat that another 4 times.  But, no!  This Tuesday, I ran stairs for 1 and a 1/2 minutes for gods know how many times with a break and then repeat x 4.  

Huff puff.

Then fancy boxing...with footwork no less.  And Jonathan said, "Oh good, you're actually punching hard now."  Compliment taken.  Thank you, Jonathan...stop laughing at me.  Giggling as sweat blinds me and because I apparently don't know my left from my right (remember the L is formed by the fingers on your left hand).  Push-ups, you say?  Real ones...get your legs up and stop backing up out of them.  Haha..oh, you caught on to that.  But my abs are still hurting from Friday!  Oh, is that where your lower abs are?  I believe the phrase rhymes with clucking bell.  Kinda tripping over my feet at this point...more boxing? it.
Sweat sweat sweat.
Sweaty Shreveport werewolf t-shirt.

Off we go now to the other end of the building to do some weights (the gorilla stance lift with your arm keep your elbows in and don't round your back)...and then boxing with running.  WTF?  Running?  Yes, I have to punch Jonathan 40 times and sprint to the end of the hall and touch a ball and come back.  I got away with "walk quite quickly" to the end of the hall.  Of course I jog down...just showing off...and then I have to walk fast back because I shouldn't show off.  And do that 3 more times.  No going backwards.  ACK!  And I'm dead.
Last night, after doing an hour and a half of hard cardio in the morning and walking into town to get my hair did, and then going home briefly to do some blogging that gave way to napping...and then returning to the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre to attend a running clinic.  No, you did read that correctly...however, don't get too excited, I'm in the walking group...and I had NOOOOO idea that people could walk that fast, let me tell you.  So that, combined with Tuesday's workout, lead to my premature death.

Not really.

But let me just say this:  Exercise is making every day activities very difficult...for example, laughing hurts my lower abs and I can't point at things because that would require lifting my arm.  I'm even having problems standing up sometimes...and not just because I get stuck to my exercise ball.   

Ah yes, cardio combined with strength-training...turns me to jelly every time. Which is interesting, because I seem to be primarily made out of jelly to begin with...isn't that what we're trying to get away from, Jonathan? 

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