Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“I’ll buy the next round…”

It's discombobulated hula time!
Round 2 – Wait?  You mean I have to do this more than once?  It’s a continual thing…yeah? 

Tuesday equals cardio in the morning and Jonathan in the afternoon.  The first part was pretty much like the day before with slightly more balance and just a tiny bit more tension/incline/speed, what have you…same sweaty mess at the end of it though. 

This is waaaayyyyy too much information, I know, but my brand spankin’ new sports bra is crap.  My boobs think they’re Steve McQueen.  I need to buy something that the pair of them can’t tunnel through to freedom, something possibly akin to Brünnhilde’s breastplate, something that would make Richard Wagner proud.  Of course, metal would be best but with the amount I’m sweating…it would corrode in mere minutes.       

Back to the workout…my afternoon session was more…how do I put this?  Holy sh!t.  And here I was thinking the cardio part was hard.  Remember those Canadian Fitness Tests that we all did in elementary school?  Well…I feel like I did one of those again…today.  Luckily, my “gym teacher” wasn’t a cranky aging athlete in tear-away pants…AND he didn’t make me climb a rope.  It was more like, “Here’s a wall, bend your knees to 90 degrees and hang out for as long as you can.”  Oh, of course…lemme just do that for 10 bloody seconds.  No, I didn’t want that recorded...so I did it again and lasted 20 seconds.  And, I did 8 push-ups…pretty impressive, eh?  Bahaha…

And so on and so forth.  Sweat, sweat, sweat…squat, squat, squat…elliptical, elliptical, elliptical, weights, weights, weights…and my coordination is just stellar.  For a good time, come see me when I’m starting to fade.  Oh, you want me to pull these stretchy bands?  Put everything I have into it?  Okay…let me just do some sort of discombobulated hula that I just made up while I do so.    

I can’t stand it when I know I suck…and I sucked.  I sucked hard.  However, I didn’t NOT do it because I knew I sucked…and I found pride and a double negative in that…so the experience was a positive one.

And then I walked home.  OW!


  1. I realized when I started exercising and doing roller derby, that it was really beneficial to layer bras. I still do it, using an old underwire bra I don't care about on the bottom, and the exercise bra on top for the strap-down effect. :P

    1. I think I'll have to try that ;-) Thanks, Dani!

  2. Power on, girl~ you should be SO PROUD of yourself!!! xoxox Mya

    1. YAY! I will...don't you worry. :-)